the reveals

the reveals


Why blog, you ask?

Being raised in a family where mom is obsessed with making her girls look like dolls (thank’s mom), I was exposed to fashion pretty early. I think at the age of 6 I was able to put articles together on my own. As a teenager I followed my best friend Yana into art school. Learning about art made me realize how fashion and the choices we make in our daily outfits are majorly influenced by history, culture, politics, and art around us. Yana and I had an after school hobby - draw outfits and compare in class the next day. 

Years went by and as a result of self exploration I became super passionate about traveling - escaping somewhere new every chance I get was challenging but oh, so satisfying. I thought I wanted to make memories in as many places as possible. Not having friends to travel with wouldn’t stop me - going by myself was just as fun and lead me to learn a few things about safety procautions and my behavior in new culture. Exploring something new has always excited me but trying to understand fashion in a location unfamiliar to me was another level of adventure to me. 

Sharing such experiences with friends and even strangers got me to understand - many actually follow my advice on traveling as well as fashion. It sort of opened up a new purpose for me. And so here I am - Outfit Adventuring.