How long before you fart, burp, pick your nose, or go to the bathroom with them in the same room.

How long before you fart, burp, pick your nose, or go to the bathroom with them in the same room.

I found myself super bored during a snowstorm today. Earlier in the day I knew I was going to start getting anxious about having to be inside for the rest of the day so making plans was a 911. I turned to Instagram for suggestions on what to write about. Somehow I just felt like engaging with others over social media since I couldn’t go out and socialize. 

My friend Vinny got my mind running by giving me an idea of “how long it takes before you fart, burp, pick your nose, or go to the bathroom with them in the same room”.  So here it is - my first public brainstorm about a common dating topic.

I haven’t been in anything serious in quite some time, about 2.5 years. It’s hard to think now how it’d be being in a relationship but I’ll try my best to describe from what I remember. Of course, this post is very subjective and I am pretty sure in the near future I'll change my mind about at least one of the things I talk about. 


Farting. Ok, first off, I dont fart outside the bathroom walls. Whether it's next to someone or alone, I do not fart and always try to hold it in but that's just me. I think couples usually start being comfortable doing this next to one another about a six months into a relationship. Maybe even sooner. If someone did it next to me, I'd laugh forever and really appreciate the person is comfortable enough around me to just be themselves. However, the only time I'd be excused (by my own self) to do it next to someone (unintentionally) is if I am pregnant or if I'm over 60. Otherwise, I couldn't forgive myself. I think there was a time I farted next to my boyfriend during sleep, which woke me up, and stayed up for the rest of the night praying he didn't hear it. 

Burping. I've burped on a first date before. With my mouth closed. I am not a bit remorseful about it. I love beer and there is just no other way but to accept this! Same way, I dont care if someone burps next to me either at any point of knowing each other. 

Picking nose. Never done this next to a boyfriend. My sister has had the privilege to witness this though and not often. Otherwise, it's part of my shower routine when I'm in my personal space. If my SO did it next to me, I wouldnt pay much thought to it at any point. If that's what makes them happy, and they're comfortable doing it next to me - I am happy. I will blow my nose at any point. 

Bathroom. I feel as though this should be split into two, if you know what I mean.

#1. I think the intercourse adds to the comfortability of letting go of personal space here. People who've had sex before are more likely to pee next to each other. I think about a year into a relationship, if not sooner, this is totally ok. 

#2. Hell no. I'd never want a witness to this crime, nor do I want to be one. We can totally talk about the indigestion and all the details and i’d entertain the topic for as long as needed. Hmmmm, I wonder if I ever change my mind about this. 


As I thanked Vinny about giving me such great topic to write about, our conversation extended into what we actually think. He evaluated me as a ”princess” since I'm fine with others doing things next to me but wouldn't allow myself being in the same position. Maybe I am. But at the same time, I think there is something really hot behind finding out my SO was comfortable doing these things next to me. At someone point in the past I actually looked forward to this, as I belived it meant our relationship entered a new, more serious and evolved phase.