Skiing trip, Laziness, and Busting My Ass

Skiing trip, Laziness, and Busting My Ass

I’ve asked my friends to go skiing with me a couple of times. Overtime, I’ve realized how to read the reactions of people and tell if the plan will actually follow through. This week I could tell I’d be wasting my time relying on them. As usual, that wasn’t a stopper for me. I bought a lift and rental ticket earlier in the week to make sure my plans are set and my laziness isn’t going to let me bail out of the idea last minute. 



I still found myself overly lazy on Sunday morning but I was happy about the upcoming experience and being able to whip out my brand new skiing outfit I randomly found at a Forever 21 in Florida for $30. 



As I was making my 1.5 hour trip to PA, I thought of myself doing these experiences solo. In the past 1-2 years I’ve learned to enjoy my own company as much as someone else’s. I like exploring new things and do it with or without a friend. It started out small, like going to a bar by myself, but kept expanding into hiking, traveling, clubbing, casino, etc. I always had a good time, even though I love people too. 

This time my perspective about it changed . I suddenly wished there was someone else with me in the car as well as through the rest of the journey. I told myself I should start looking for friends with similar interests. My grumpiness persisted till I arrived in Poconos. 

The minute I saw the slopes I got overwhelmed with excitement and forgot all about what I was thinking earlier in the car. I spent the day learning and got really good. I did bust my ass on Pennsylvania trail. When I didn’t know how to come to a stop, falling seemed my only option. I laughed at myself every time. Also, the resort staff was so friendly and welcoming. They called me Tangerine Girl because of my bright outfit. One guy took his gloves off to shake my hand and invited to next season. It was very sweet. 

I wouldn’t trade my day for anything else.